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Your electrical service and troubleshooting specialists

We have been providing quality electrical service for new construction, renovations, residential, commercial and industrial construction jobs since 1958. While we specialize in service, we also install a wide range of electrical products like heat, fire alarms, and panels.

Professional electrical installations

• Electrical power and distribution

• Electrical panels

• Switchgears

• Transformers

• Lighting maintenance and Installation

• Control Systems

• Telephone and computer wiring

• Underground electrical service

• Electrical heat

• Fire alarm wiring

• Electrical layout and design

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Shay Electric Inc. is one of the oldest electrical contractors in the Iowa City area, and has earned the reputation for quality, integrity and dependability.

You can trust Shay Electric Service to provide you with accurate estimates, design and build capabilities for a variety of companies, and professional service.

"Whenever I pick up the phone to call an electrician, Shay Electric always responds quickly and they take care of all our electrical repairs."

- Kevin Seydel

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24 hour emergency repair service available!